Where brides love walking the 90 foot center aisle to their betrothed

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Fr. Garrett O’Brien, J.C.L. 

Rev. Randy Roux, Chaplain

Wedding Coordinator

Paige A. Saleun
Phone: (504) 525-4413

St. John The Baptist Matrimony Policies and Preparation Guidelines

Our Parish is a traditional Roman Catholic Parish. The following guidelines and policies, established and approved by the Pastor, are to be adhered to during all wedding services taking place in the church. 

Our coordinator will assist you in every way possible with planning your wedding liturgy fo this special day and guide you in making certain that your wedding is a proper and memorable celebration.

Jesus performed His first public miracle at the wedding feast in Cana. According to Venerable Fulton Sheen, this was no accident. The Archbishop observes, “...There’s a beautiful mystery hidden somewhere in the marriage feast of Cana. . . . . a human marriage is like the union of Our Lord and the Church. When, therefore, the bride and groom stand at the altar and we read to them the marriage ceremony, we are informing them: ‘You, the bridegroom, stand for Christ. And you, the bride, stand for the Church.’ That is the mysterious grace that is conferred upon you. How beautiful marriage becomes!”